Knowing exactly what you wish to stand for and having a game plan for success.

Personal branding should be a conscious process and we offer the following support to inspire an empowering journey:

  • Personal brand 360-degree research tool
  • Highly structured personal brand workshops
  • A personal brand charter that is inspirational and directional
  • Personal brand goal setting / Personal Equity Leadership
  • Peer collaboration or one-on-one coaching
  • Executive coaching and mentoring

We are masters at working with individuals to leverage the power of a brand identity. Crafting personal brand development plans that are purpose driven, leverage passion and talents, while contributing demonstrable value to the organisations where they are engaged.

Personal branding is about taking responsibility for understanding and developing the things that are going are going to build your personal equity. What it is that you wish to be known for in the hearts and minds of those stakeholders that will ultimately determine the shape of your future.

But unlike products and services which have a conscious marketing program and teams to build and maintain brand equity, personal brands are often built unconsciously. They are simply the default option.

Our personal brand development process leverages the proven methodologies of the great product, service and organisational brands of the world and makes them work for individuals. Personal branding management requires individuals to consciously make decisions about how they are going to differentiate themselves. What attributes will become their signature expressions of who they are, and how they add value.

Our process culminates in a detailed personal brand charter that includes the desired actions to be undertaken by the individual to further their personal equity. There is also the option to participate in an ongoing coaching program, based in Melbourne or throughout Australia, designed to empower and support individuals in their personal brand journey.