After more than 20 years consulting in brand strategy there is one thing we know to be a concrete truth: brand is a powerful weapon. Branding is the ultimate management tool for creating and harnessing equity. We devote every working day (and then some) to unleashing compelling brand codes that are valued and loved. We do this for both businesses and individuals. Personal branding and executive coaching has become a significant focus and we celebrate daily the passionate, curious and ambitious individuals we get to hang with.

Our processes are rigorous, collaborative and fuelled by an intuitive sixth sense for what constitutes a potent brand proposition. We founded our agency in Melbourne to make a difference. We believe brand management should always be strategic and considered, and our role is to co-create with you a level of insight and clarity around your brand that is liberating and defining.

In all humility we think we are masterful at building compelling and sustainable brands that demand your target market sits up and takes notice. However, we know that your brand needs more than a highly differentiated proposition, it needs a multifaceted approach to bring the proposition alive. This is precisely why the ‘Co’ in Singline & Co is short for Cohort. We have a Cohort of amazingly talented people who share a passion for breathing life into brands – ensuring every gesture is intelligently and creatively framed by your brand’s proposition.


He is gifted at constructing a compelling brand narrative and in having the necessary conversations to ensure that an organisation knows exactly what is needed for the brand to be an authentic expression of who they are. I have worked with Peter on four major branding exercises and he has become not so much a consultant as a partner to our most important strategic projects.

Rufus Black , Master - Ormond College (Melbourne University)

I saw no better individual than Peter to maintain that critical watching brief as National Foods acquired and integrated the King Island Company – his ability to look from the consumer back through the supply chain to the brand and develop product and brand strategies is quite outstanding.

Ashley Waugh, Former CEO - National Foods

He is an absolute master of facilitating a collaborative and rigorous process, of working through the froth and bubble to find solid ground and of helping organisations develop an inspiring and relevant road map.

Stuart Nicolson, CEO - Retirement Alliance

We recognised we had a story to tell. Peter was able to articulate this in words and images that brought it to life and gave it meaning and relevance to consumers. I’d recommend Peter to anyone wanting to add brand value to their organisation.

Phil Turnbull, Owner - Turnbull Brothers Orchards



Peter Singline

Brand Man