Seneca tells us that we should each have our own Cato—a great and noble person we can allow into our minds and use to guide our actions, even when they’re not physically present. The economist Adam Smith had a similar concept, which he called the indifferent spectator.

We cannot offer you Seneca or Adam Smith, but we can offer the insightful mind of Pete Singline. Strategic, empathetic and immensely pragmatic. Someone who is the master at having your back, but always devoted to nudging you forward.

Peter offers a coaching program that has a focus on developing a growth mindset within their careers. Probing questions and personal exploration all designed to create insight and leverage. Big in Peter’s approach to coaching is broadening the array of possibilities available, but always with a mind to driving out consciousness choice and a focus capable of driving success and joy. It is a journey framed by upside.