You will have a lighthouse brand identity capable of communicating to your market exactly what you stand for in a seriously appealing manner.

Great brands give the utmost thought to the visual language they wrap around their brands. We work with brand owners in Melbourne and throughout Australia, to create:

  • Corporate identities (logo, secondary language and all required applications)
  • Product/service brand identities (including portfolios and architecture solutions)
  • Packaging
  • Digital presence
  • Retail store design
  • Point of sale design

We have access to a highly distinguished team of designers (in fact co-founded the agency) at Truly Deeply, who distinguish themselves by creatively designing the visual language of brands through a highly refined brand lens. Every element of the brand identity, from the logo, to the typography, to the images, to the colours and secondary language, – all working together to reflect a stunning representation of the brand.

The process followed is always brand-led design. It is never creative design for creative design sake. It is the visual manifestation of the brand strategy. To get there requires a relevant category decode of the visual cues of current market leaders and other related categories that provide stimulation.

Then the magic begins, creative territories explored and concepts developed. The aim always to provide design options that sit on continuum from “…that feels right” to “oh boy that is pushing the envelope!”. The goal always to make you feel you have real choice – and choice that excites because of how hard it will work for your brand.